Saturday, 23 July 2016

Loreal pure clay mask - purity mask

An honest review

I love it. 
Do I need to say more. 

That's what you wanted to know right? 

I bought it today on a whim. 

Alongside buying a highlighter I wanted a mask. 

I went for a mattifying one. 
Considering I will be illuminating my skin I felt I should cleanse and mattifying first. 

I have just taken the mask off and I loved it. 

It's probably the tightest mask I've used. In a good way. 

My skin feels smooth clean and firm. 

And not in the itchy just used a mask kinda way. 

I reccomend it. 

That's all :)!

Nathan slate. 


Thursday, 17 March 2016

how to get kanye wests style - kanye west fashion

hey, i thought id do a little write up on how to get one of (in my opinion) the best dressed celebrity male styles.

kanye has his own sense of style.

and its a very easy but effective look to pull off!

think tonal colours and layering.

even add a longer top underneath for the extra edge.

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